5.30 - Revival!

Saturday, May 30, 1-7pm: Revival: Humanism; 7pm-1am: Revival [sunset]
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - RSVP for address below; $10-20 sugg donation at door

Revival, Part 1 on Facebook | Revival, Part 2 on Facebook
Social media: #geminiandscorpio

I want to join a community where we do yoga/meditate then have a community lunch and dance. I want a community with all ages from babies to elderly so we don't box our minds to our generation and share the burden of old age and youth. I want a community to be humanist where we believe in each other and believe in doing good. Because it is hard enough living in New York alone. I want a community where we appreciate each others flaws as much as our strengths. In Africa there is a proverb. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." I want to go far, so lets go together.

Schedule: 1-2 | Yoga taught by the wonderful Christina Ferwerda 2-3 | Tea. Chill Time. Story, Show And or Tell (Stories and Creations) 2:50ish | Poetry by Squiddie Leigh Lista 3-6 | Dance your face off with Deep/Soul/Melodic/Tropical House 3-4:30 | Steevy Dee - https://soundcloud.com/steevydee with live painting from Michelle Kirby https://vimeo.com/127563017 4:30-6 | TASHA BLANK - https://soundcloud.com/tashablank 6-7ish | Chill Time

If you have a practiced trade, art, or form of expression you would like to share bring it, hang it somewhere, put it on display, feel free to perform during the 2-3 time slot.

Other things: FREE tea & coffee; waffles, juices & smoothies; draw wall; legos.

Gemini & Scorpio Loft location

Enter email for loft address:

6.20 - Sea Creature Stomp: a Mermaid Parade afterparty

Saturday, June 20, $10-20 sugg donation goes to bands, 21+ (25+ suggested)
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - RSVP for address below

Social media: #GSmermaids #geminiandscorpio

Live music & DJs, cheap drinks, ice cream, and lounging on our sprawling roof. Featuring: 9pm - Spanglish Fly - Latin Soul y Brooklyn Boogaloo - http://www.spanglishfly.com 10pmpm - FunKrust Brass Band: A brassy stew with Balkan and New Orleans influences - http://funkrust.com 11pm - DJs & dancing, until our mermaid tails fall off.

Gemini & Scorpio Loft location

Enter email for loft address:

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