Space available in our building!

Starting immediately, you can get space in the building that houses the Gemini & Scorpio Loft! New studio rooms have been built out on the first floor, and we reserved the largest ones to share as office, storage and craft space. Learn more here: (email: "loft" at "geminiandscorpio"). Or, to get your own space, see -- the room layout is here. (If you're going to do quieter things, please request our side of the building! It's A-C.) For anyone renting a room in the building, we'll offer discounts on any Loft rentals for meetings, rehearsals and shows.

Sat 10.7 - Grand Victorian Banquet and Ball

Buy tickets | Event on Facebook | Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsvictorianball

at the historical Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, 421 E 61st St; Banquet: 7-9pm; Ball 9pm-1am
Admission: $95 for Banquet & Ball, food + drinks included; $35 for Ball only, drinks included


Join us as we travel back in time to the turn of the century, to an elegant country resort a short carriage ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city (which at that time extended only as far north as 14th Street).

We will begin the night with an informal reception, where banquet guests can enjoy delightful spiced punch (sponsored by Boukman Rhum) and a guided tour through the garden and beautifully preserved mansion. At 8pm, we open the doors to the secret candlelit ballroom and invite you to a lavish and historically accurate banquet, featuring multiple courses and wine. The meal will be accompanied by a short lecture on Victorian dining and the featured dishes from our chef and historical cooking expert Rebecca Leigh Silverman.

Entertainment and activities:

  • Retro Remix Orchestra - classic songs and current pop hits performed in orchestral, hot jazz and swing arrangements
  • Edwardian fashion presentations with historical costumer John W. Richardson of As They Sew in France. Topics: Morning to evening in Edwardian dress / The rise & fall of the bustle
  • Hand-drawn fashion illustrations of guests by Anastasios Taso Megaris
  • Victorian parlor and card games played with authentic decks from mid-1800s through early 1900s
  • DIY amusements from turn-of-century books

Dress code:
1800s through 1919 ballroom, formal or military (for men)--or as close as you can get with modern formal. Men: tuxes or tails. Ladies: corsets and long gowns. Costume inspiration Pinterest board (not ours): - and ours for banquet/ball/tea research.



About our chef:
Culinary historian Rebecca Leigh Silverman has over 20 years experience working in living history museums as an historic culinary expert. She specializes in period hearthside cooking and libations. When not cooking in the past, she's a Brooklyn based bartender, trying odd old recipes out on her modern day customers and talking about the perfect sazerac.

About our venue:
Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house for a 23-acre estate, and converted into the Mount Vernon Hotel in 1826, this stone building sits on land originally owned by Colonel William Stephens Smith, and his wife Abigail Adams Smith, daughter of John Adams. The hotel operated until 1833, at which point the house became the home for three generations of a New York City family.

A taste of previous turn-of-century G&S events:

Sat 10.14 - Castaways Casino Club

Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - use form below for location, 9pm-late, $10-20 sliding scale donation

Event on Facebook | Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio


Calling all faux millionaires to litter their gold coin at our illicit gambling establishment far offshore on the banks of Gowanus: the only public invite to our new secret membership group and official afterparty for Lost Bridge Exchange Night Market.

A secret casino lounge with groovy soundtrack by Telecommand playing sophisticated grooves for the suited and booted. DJ Dirtyfinger keeps your booty bouncing late into the night. Tiki specials and $4 Rockaway Brewing beer at the bar.

For participants who desire an odd mission and a bit of added revelry, maps will be provided to send you on an artistic neighborhood scavenger hunt brought to you by Lost Bridge Exchange. All odd missions end with a return to the Loft for continuation of festivities.

The casino club will feature blackjack, roulette and the star attraction of the night: Texas hold'em tournament, played at 10pm, 11pm, and 12am for a $50 value prize. For non-tourney games, a member credit system will let you use your winnings for future party entry, drinks, etc.

Dress code: Come as your truest self. Funky party-wear, faux fancy, vintage lounge, cocktail, or other non-sloppy attire requested. No elaborate costumes or evening wear required, but we'll love you more if you put in more effort.

Gemini & Scorpio Loft location

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Sun 10.15 - Goldmine
costume, vintage, thrift and craft shopping party

Sun, Oct 15, 1-5:30pm, FREE, all ages
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - use form below for location

Event on Facebook | Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio

Miss Scorpio teams up with fellow dress-up addicts and craft-makers for some closet-cleaning and handmade clothing & accessory shopping. Think one-of-a-kind vintage, feathers and fascinators, unique jewelry, and lots and lots of sparkles. Of course even divas have days off, so there will be plenty of cheap casual wear finds alongside costume and vintage pieces. Plus: by-donation champagne & small snacks, chill soundtrack, and lounging in our awesome loft and sprawling roof. This is the Halloween edition, so think creepy crafts and cool costumes.

    Confirmed vendors:
  • Miss Scorpio - vintage, costume and everyday pieces selected for their unique visual appeal
  • Als Alchemical - Alchemically inspired perfumes, soaps, and crystals
  • Binnorie - Nail polish of all sorts of colors and sparkly textures
  • Deflated Mouse - Jewelry & crafts that embrace the cute side of spooky and the spooky side of cute
  • Tokens & Treasures - A treasure hunter's dream
  • Seraphim Sin - Handmade scalemail armor accessories
  • Zoa Chimerum Jewelry - Biomorphic handmade jewelry of cut rubber layered over forged aluminum

Gemini & Scorpio Loft location

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