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  1. [G&S]: Swing House in one week / seeking Goldmine! vendors for 4.19 / NYC events 3.20-26
    Sent March 20th 2015

    Hello lovelies, We have been so ridiculously busy that we have barely noticed Swing House Anniversary is coming up in just one short week. We're thinking we'll do a FREE champagne toast with you all before we kick off the live music & burlesque part of t...

  2. [G&S]: Swing House in two weeks / NYC events 3.13-19
    Sent March 13th 2015

    Hello lovelies, Amazingly, Facebook has accepted our proof of identity, and we're back on that evil plot of cyber real estate. Incidentally, we're still severely limited in how many people we can invite to events there, so please click through from the i...

  3. [G&S]: Facebook troubles / Swing House still on sale / NYC events 3.6-12
    Sent March 6th 2015

    Hello lovelies, Not the best day over here, as you might know if you follow us on Twitter. Our trusty Macbook Pro has died (anyone selling a used one?), and Facebook has chosen today of all days to shut down our account based on their "authentic name" po...

  4. [G&S]: Swing House 3.28 details / Goldmine shopping party / NYC events 2.27-3.5
    Sent February 27th 2015

    Hello lovelies, We're excited to announce details & ticket sales for the 7th Anniversary of our much-loved 1920s speakeasy party Swing House on Saturday, March 28. See below for all info. We're also thinking it's time for another Goldmine! shopping even...

  5. [G&S]: Swing House save-the-date 3.28 / NYC events 2.20-26
    Sent February 20th 2015

    Hello lovelies, After the insanity of our three-parties-in-two-days Valentine's/12th Birthday weekend, we had to escape to the beach to recover. We don't expect to be online much (though when we are, we'll post oceanside beauty for your enjoyment via soc...

  6. [G&S]: Nearly sold out on all VDay weekend events / NYC events 2.13-19
    Sent February 13th 2015

    Hello lovelies, Here we go with our three-parties-in-two-days 12th Birthday insanity! Whee! - Tonight, we go naughty and French with our clandestine cabaret. It's looking pretty full, but we do still have tickets online and at the door. - We're also hos...

  7. [G&S]: One week to V-Day parties / NYC events 2.6-12
    Sent February 6th 2015

    Hello lovelies, One week to go until our three(!)-event Valentine's Day celebration and our 12th Birthday: in addition to the two events below, we're also hosting a makeout party via House of Scorpio. Jump over to http://www.houseofscorpio.com for those ...

  8. [G&S]: VDay party updates / NYC events 1.30-2.5
    Sent January 30th 2015

    Hello lovelies, Ticket updates on our Valentine's Day events: - Paris cabaret is about a third sold out, and only one table reservation remains - Banya is selling a bit faster than usual, with about half the tickets sold If you haven't yet, please RSVP ...

  9. [G&S]: VDay party updates / NYC events 1.23-29
    Sent January 23rd 2015

    Hello lovelies, We're not surprised to report that sales for our Valentine's Day events are moving quickly. Both of these parties usually sell out in advance, so we highly recommend you buy your tickets sooner than later. Details for both are below, now ...

  10. [G&S]: Two G&S events for Valentine's Day / NYC events 1.16-22
    Sent January 16th 2015

    Hello lovelies, In case you missed them last week, here are some incredible #gssnowqueen photos (tag yourselves in the Facebook albums!): - Timelapse of setup and some of the event, by our brilliant video artist Chris Jordan: http://bit.ly/1tK0rkn - Phot...

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