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  1. [G&S]: Holiday party tomorrow / Goldmine! next Sun / NYE! / Your events 12.3-11
    Sent December 2nd 2016

    Hello lovelies, Holiday cocktail time! Tomorrow we're going overboard behind the bar, and you're all invited. Free!!! But we will be collecting donations towards our new lighting system in the loft - it's about $1k overall, and your support is much appre...

  2. [G&S]: Thur - "Stranger Things" / Sat - FREE holiday party / Next Sun - Goldmine / NYE theme revealed!
    Sent November 29th 2016

    Hello lovelies, We accidentally created a super busy holiday party season...oops! Here's what's happening this week & into 2017: - Thursday: Stranger Things marathon on the big screen continues! Episodes 4-6, waffles, themed cocktails. FREE / donations ...

  3. [G&S]: G&S holiday party 12.3 / Next "Stranger Things" 12.1 / Your events 11.18-12.1
    Sent November 18th 2016

    Hello lovelies, Event and resistance updates this week: - We're hosting a holiday party on Dec 3! No cover, holiday sweets, and ridiculous cocktails. See below for invite. - No events list next week -- we thought we'd put out a double issue, but there wa...

  4. [G&S]: How do we fix this? / Movie night Thur / Your events 11.11-17
    Sent November 11th 2016

    Hello lovelies, We honestly don't even know what to say. We're simultaneously heartbroken and outraged at what just happened to our country. To go back to parties-as-usual just doesn't seem right. But we do also know that our events and our loft can pro...

  5. [G&S]: "Stranger Things" Halloween photos / Your events 11.3-10
    Sent November 4th 2016

    Hello lovelies, Thank for another best-ever OMG-what-just-happened insane Halloween. To recap, just some fantastic highlights: YES, there was a forest, and Castle Byers in the forest, and a full house/living room setup next to the forest. YES, we had a D...

  6. [G&S]: "Stranger Things" Halloween SOLD OUT / Your events 10.28-11/3
    Sent October 28th 2016

    Hello lovelies, As we predicted last week, our epic "Stranger Things" Halloween party is completely sold out. That means absolutely no door sales until 1am, when we expect the capacity to open up some. Please remember that party check-in is actually at o...

  7. [G&S]: "Stranger Things" Halloween on last 200 sales / Village Voice "Best Of"! / Your events 10.21-27
    Sent October 21st 2016

    Hello lovelies, Halloween is ramping up to be pretty damn epic. We're in full-on art-making and building mode, and if you want to jump in and help (and earn some free tickets in the process), here's the Facebook event that will have the latest details: h...

  8. [G&S]: Goldmine on Sun / "Stranger Things" Halloween updates / Your events 10.14-20
    Sent October 14th 2016

    Hello lovelies, We have pulled out piles of new Hallowene-ready clothing for Sunday's Goldmine. Other vendors will have everything from fabulous hats to taxidermy to chic vintage. Also in Gowanus on Sunday: Open Studios and Morbid Anatomy Flea Market -- ...

  9. [G&S]: Goldmine next Sun / Your events 10.7-13
    Sent October 7th 2016

    Hello lovelies, Goldmine is next week! A dozen hand-picked vendors will be offering their handmade, vintage and costume wares. There are always treasures to be found at this one, and we can't wait to share them with you. Halloween tickets are still mov...

  10. [G&S]: Goldmine in 2 weeks / Halloween Tier 1 sold out / Your events 9.30-10.6
    Sent September 30th 2016

    Hello lovelies, As we warned last week, Tier 1 of Halloween is sold out, and Tier 2 is moving fast. Still a few weeks to make up your mind, but prices do go up. And yes, we're still looking for participants, performers, volunteers, etc. Drop us a line! ...

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