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G&S Members List: Gemini & Scorpio site updates, news, and (most importantly) fab NYC events (our own and others'), artist opportunities and freebies.

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  1. [G&S]: Next Fri: craft cocktails / Just announced: Swing House turns 10! / Your NYC events 2.16-22
    Sent February 16th 2018

    Hello lovelies, Thank you for another spectacular birthday week! Both our celebrations were packed with smiling, happy, dancing, fabulous guests, and we <3 <3 <3 all of you. Your continued support enables us to do what we do! In fact, our Loft calendar ...

  2. [G&S]: G&S Birthday week: clandestine French cabaret & Banya brass band party / Your NYC events 2.9-15
    Sent February 9th 2018

    Hello lovelies, Welcome to our birthday week! Our very first event was on Valentine's Day in 2002, can you believe it? We turn 16 this year, so please join us in celebrating our peak terrible teenage behavior (did you know we're also hosting a makeout pa...

  3. [G&S]: Next Sat: clandestine French cabaret / VDay: Russian Baths + brass band / Your NYC events 2.2-8
    Sent February 2nd 2018

    Hello lovelies, Here's what's coming up for us (scroll down for full invites): - Next Saturday: our annual love letter to all things cabaret, Meet Me in Paris. Luscious burlesque and tantalizing dancers, against the backdrop of roaring hot jazz with a F...

  4. [G&S]: Tonight: craft cocktails / Upcoming: clandestine cabaret & brass band banya / Your NYC events 1.26-2.1
    Sent January 26th 2018

    Hello lovelies, Here's what's coming up for us (scroll down for full invites): - Tonight: Miss Scorpio is your expert bartender for The Cocktail Experiment and Happy Unbirthday party: bring on those challenge cocktail ingredients or just come enjoy our ...

  5. [G&S]: Tonight: tropical casino / Upcoming: cocktails, cabaret, banya / Your NYC events 1.19-25
    Sent January 19th 2018

    Hello lovelies, We're on a mission to warm up your winter. Here's what we've planned for the coldest month ahead: - Tonight: a tiki blowout in our underground casino, with tropical cocktails by a very special guest bartender (see invite) & tropical bea...

  6. [G&S]: Next: tropical casino, cocktails, clandestine cabaret, Banya! / Your NYC events 1.12-18
    Sent January 12th 2018

    Hello lovelies, One more week, and we'll be full speed ahead for 2018. Here's what's coming up (full invites below): - Next Fri Jan 19: a tropical blowout in our underground casino, with killer cocktails & killer beats by Geko Jones. - The Cocktail Expe...

  7. [G&S]: Upcoming: tropical party, clandestine cabaret, Banya! / Your NYC events 1.5-11
    Sent January 5th 2018

    Hello lovelies, Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for a sexy, cozy, delightful weekend in our loft. We of course can't share photos from those events...but they were yummy. Here's what's coming up next: - Fri Jan 19: we go tropical to escape the white...

  8. [G&S]: G&S New Year's: four hedonistic parties / Your NYC NYE week listings
    Sent December 29th 2017

    Hello lovelies, It's New Year's Eve weekend, and we can't wait to boot 2017 out the door. If you're coming to party with us, a few quick notes: - yes, tickets are available at the door for both Masked and the Pajama Lounge afterparty - our dress codes al...

  9. [G&S]: Four hedonistic NYE events + save 1.19 for tropical cocktails / Your NYC events 12.23-28
    Sent December 22nd 2017

    Hello lovelies, One more week till New Year's! - We nearly sold out of the new allotment of the $40 tickets we released last week for Masked, our hedonistic masquerade. Once those go, only 50 more tickets remain at the higher prices. This will not be on...

  10. [G&S]: G&S Masked NYE - more $40 tix and other changes / Your NYC events 12.15-22
    Sent December 15th 2017

    Hello lovelies, It's just two weeks to New Year's, can you believe it? Updates for you on our plans: - We've heard from some of you that you don't necessarily want to push things *that* far on NYE, and we hear you. So: we're scaling back the sensory elem...

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